Cosmetic Dentistry

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are ideal for people who want to improve their smile. Popular reasons include worn teeth, uneven teeth, discolored teeth, crooked teeth, chipped/broken teeth, or a desire to have a gorgeous smile. They can mask chips and cracks, improve the color and shape of teeth, and close small spaces between teeth to give you a beautiful smile. Veneers are crafted from a tooth-colored material and are custom selected to match the shade of your natural teeth. The porcelain is translucent, making it almost identical to a natural tooth's enamel; therefore, results look naturally beautiful, and never overdone.


If you have missing teeth, it is not always necessary to have a denture fitted, which are sometimes be difficult to get used to, nor is it vital to have implants, which your budget may not cover. We can use your existing adjacent teeth to give you teeth in the gaps. The healthy teeth either side of the space(s) are prepared just like a crown, a combined unit of a porcelain bridge with the required number of teeth is then cemented over the supportive teeth either side of the space(s).

While your crowns or bridges are being made we ensure that you will be wearing beautiful temporary crowns and bridges so that at no time do you leave our office "naked" so to speak. The temporary bridge servesas a blueprint of what the final results may look like or what corrections may be needed. In effect we are architectural engineers so you not only look great but that it will last a long time.


A Crown is generally used for tooth structures that cannot be restored with fillings or other type of restorations. A crown is made and placed over that tooth so it looks and functions just like your original tooth. At MySmile Dental, we use crowns consisting of precious metal substructure with porcelain covering so that they are strong and look natural.

How a tooth is crowned?

1. The tooth is broken and requires a crown

2. The tooth is prepared for a crown to cover it

3. The new crown is fitted to the prepared tooth with cement


Lumineers are also available at MySmile Dental Care; these follow the same principle as ordinary veneers. They are made by Cerinate and are much thinner than normal veneers and these can often be placed over your existing teeth-with little or no preparation involved. Their thickness can be compared to a contact lens.

Teeth Whitening

Tooth Whitening is safe a very inexpensive way to improve your smile. If you have noticed gradual staining due to dietary habits, such as drinking tea or coffee, eating a lot of foods with high colour contents and smoking, then we can use a technique to lighten your teeth. We offer two teeth whitening alternatives

Chairside Cleaning - You relax in the chair and in one hour you go home with pearly white teeth

Take home bleaching tray - We provide you with custom trays and supply you with tooth whitening gel that is completely safe to use at home. We also give you set instructions on how to wear your trays.